Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaack! And hungry for more.

Zombies may be ready for her return but this guy is not.  Talk about ugly.  Two bag ugly.  And she wants to be president??


Irish said...

Morning! I added you to the blogroll :)

LetsPlay said...

It's been awhile since I posted at Blissful Ignorance. The situation has improved only slightly as Trump entered the fray and has made a difference. The jury is still out on his true intentions but it is still enough to warrant telling the RNC establishment to "piss off!"

What has truly come to the fore in terms of problems is the "crime" problem of public and corporate corruption. I may just have to re-engage.

Thanks Irish, for the wake up call.

CoyotePrime said...

I'm curious. You're obviously well read, well informed, and have excellent communication and analytical skills- you know how rare that is these days- or you wouldn't know what you know, an inference perhaps but justifiable I believe. Why are you not in the fight? Your blog's been neglected for a very long time, perhaps re-start it? Or, if you prefer, I invite you to submit your own work for posting at "Running", or links to others if you prefer,
but I sense you could make a great contribution to the rest of us, and hope you'll consider it.