Monday, January 30, 2012

Jay Cost: Obama Is a Rolodex Socialist

Jay Cost: Obama Is a Rolodex Socialist

A rose by any other name is ...? Whatever you want to call Barry, he just is not an American.
Not the kind of man who should be in the White House. But some kind of majority, electoral or otherwise did vote him into office. That does not make him my president because he is not an American at heart. That much is clear.

How he goes about his business is one thing. The results of his game are another. That is what I judge him on. Results. I come from the corporate world where performance to goals is 'usually' the guiding principle. Map his accomplishments, his direction and you can see where he is taking this country. Even a blind person could follow the trail.

You have to be stupid, ignorant, and/or flaming liberal to believe otherwise. That is why I have always and will always call him a Socialist with a big "S".

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