Friday, January 27, 2012

California Collapse…Not That Funny Up Close « SOYLENT GREEN

California Collapse…Not That Funny Up Close « SOYLENT GREEN

Well, I guess according to one commenter I am a "selfish rat-bastard" for leaving what used to be the Golden State.
Paradise is what my parents found back in the '50's, unfortunately, it is not the celestial paradise promised by God the Father.
So anyone who claims the government is in the way of leaving, or uses money as an excuse for staying put, is simply a COWARD and chooses to suffer and still complain.

And who says you can't take your family with you. If they want to stay, well, that is their choice. Study history my friend. Mankind has always voted with their feet. On to greener pastures, a better future if one can be carved out of this earth, this life. It is only those who have grown slaves to the easy life and the belief that they are owed something that choose to stay put.

Go forward, stay put? Go forward, stay put? The decision is yours. Don't criticize someone else' decision.

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