Monday, December 12, 2011

GoodShit › What brought the Am drone down in Iran?

GoodShit › <b>What brought the Am drone down in Iran?</B>:

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Nothing is what it seems. So with that in mind, I find this type of 'incident' a bit perplexing. Eliminating the explanations offered by the media and those providing them, I have to wonder just what is at play. Why didn't the UAV self destruct? Certainly that is possible if such sensitive technology is at stake. Or is there technology that is being provided that is meant to lead the Iranians down the rabbit hole or to plant other hidden 'friendly' capabilities?

Or maybe it is just a move in the big chess game in the geo-political landscape that aims to distract Iran's leadership and put fear into the minds of the military? Psy-ops are always at play. We may only learn how this incident fits in a couple of decades should our world still exist by then.

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