Sunday, November 13, 2011

The American Spectator : Beyond Thunderdome

UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, is a full contact sport where fighters make use of a wide variety of martial arts skills developed over years of practice.

My favorite light heavyweight is Lyoto Machida from Brazil. He is a Karate black belt who also holds a black belt is Jiu Jitsiu and knows several other disciplines. This guy started at age 3 when his father, a Karate master began teaching him.

All fighters know multiple disciplines but have a strong starting base in one. Some have wrestling. Others muy thai. Others combinations of these plus extensive practice in boxing, judo, wrestling, and local skills depending on their regional home favorites.

You have got to see these guys in action. I can't deny there is the animal aspect to it. But there is the professionalism, discipline, technique, display of heart and courage, competitiveness and can't quit attitude that says "never say die." This kind of commitment is rare.

Check it out.

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