Thursday, November 20, 2008

Term Limits

What is it with the country?  Now Bloomberg deems himself so important and smart that NYC needs him for another term?  What happened to the law?  It is a protection for citizens to have term limits and just because someone is a billionaire does not give them the right to change the law, or I should say "buy" the law.

Dem Retreads

A lot of "change" B. Hussein Obama is making.  Using retreads like Tom Daschle, Hillary Clinton, etc. in the cabinet is a joke regarding change.  Just like with the election, I kept saying to myself, more than 300 million Americans and these two (McCain/Obama) are the best we can do?  So where is the desire to make change?  Proponents claim, well they've made their mistakes in the past and learned from them.  I say "BS!"  They are still idiots.  Get some fresh thinking into the cabinet.