Monday, December 15, 2008

Antidote to Civilian Service Corp

I think that it should be made mandatory that all Americans serve in the military for something on the order of three years.  This can be used as an "eraser" for all the liberal crap that is taught in schools today.  It will give service to the country while young people learn discipline, skills, American history and pride, and grow up.  Having some experience will help them more wisely choose an education/career.  This would commence upon graduation from high school, or dropping out, whichever comes first.  Maybe this would encourage some kids to stay in school.

In a technologically sophisticated world, their horizons would be expanded with doses of reality about the world and a longer stint would give them time to be trained and repay the country for that training.  I think a lot of the "liberal" sickness that exists today is due to a lack of commitment and sense of duty to the country which bestows so many benefits on them (even if they won't acknowledge God's hand in all this.)

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