Friday, October 10, 2008

Things that should be investigated

Why doesn't the US Senate have term limits?  I don't particularly care about their arguments for keeping their seats, it is not democratic for these people to have "lifetime" appointments, especially when their partisan leadership efforts on major committees affect ALL Americans.

How is it that movie companies can promote movies without a "rating?"  I'm tired of seeing trailers stating "This film has not yet been rated."  Regulations should be changed to "require" a rating before a movie can be marketed.

What is with the legal system and "plea bargains?"  If a criminal is guilty of a crime, they should not have the opportunity to plead for a reduced sentence.  The full weight of the law should come down on them regardless of who they are.

Is there any more "racist" act than that by Notre Dame in firing coach Ty Willingham and replacing him with Fatboy whatshizname.  And then before his first season is over, he is given a contract extension as if he was the second coming.  Now where is the football team?

more to come ...

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